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A guide to gridding

Many factors will be taken into account when deciding where riders will be gridded.

Information is provided to the event commissaire prior to each event as a guideline. The commissaire on the day will make the final decision on where riders should be gridded.

All league registered riders, once they have attended one race in the current season, will be on the list of gridded riders.

The gridding positions are constantly changing. The two best results this season will be used to work out an average which then gives a gridding position. These best results are based on your position within each overall race, so will be not just dependant on your league position or category position. For example, you may finish 8th Vet 40 and 26th overall within the race at one round and at another round finish 11th Vet 40 and 20th overall within the race. Your gridding average for the next round would therefore be 23 ( 26+20/2 = 23)

Sometimes, you may feel that a rider is gridded ahead of you, even though you may have finished ahead of them at an earlier round. This will be all based on their best overall finishing positions so it might be they had a great result at a different round. 

If you DNF a race, this information is not considered in a gridding average.

We grid for safety. Riders who have not yet taken part this season or visiting riders may feel that they should be gridded for safety. Riders will need to provide evidence that they should be gridded to the event commissaire. Riders may be gridded at the commissaires discretion.

It is very difficult to provide a 100% accurate gridding guide for every round. Different courses suit different riders, different venues have different numbers of competitors. This information means that you are gridded in the correct area within the field of riders.

Please remember, it is just a guideline. The league provide this information to help the commissaires on the day. Where riders are gridded is the commissaires decision.

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